A holiday reminder

Only days away from the Holiday so many of us have been waiting for.  Your tree is probable already up, the decorations have been hung inside and out.  Everyone is sparkling and twinkling this time of year.

Have you taken a good look at  your decorations, tree?  This includes for the safety of your pets. Double check for frayed wires, too many extentions cords plugged into the outlets.  Be aware of your tree lights being too close to the decorations that have been hung so carfully.  

Let's also be cautious for our pets. They may think a cord or the low hanging decorations are chew toys. 

Let's make sure that we get a visit from the man in the red suit and not the local fire department or making that panic rush to the vet.

Have a Happy Holiday and stay safe.

Audrey Harder

Audrey Harder

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