Join Trilogie for their first CD release Beginnings.






What makes Trilogie so special?

It's a family affair for the Guyot's,  Jeannine Guyot,  sings with her daughter Jocelyn, son Stephan and son Jerome plays guitar on a few tracks. 

The CD was recorded in the Fannystelle Catholic Church (by the way is considered pitch perfect).  The release celebration will be taking place there as well.

I had the privilege to speak to Jeannnine about this whole experience, here is some of it.

Q- When did you start singing, did you have formal training?

Jeannine started singing about the age of five years old.  Her mom and dad sang a lot at home. One of the Nuns at school was in charge of the music department.  She taught Jeannine everything she knew, Jeannine continued to learn as she went along.  She grew from singing at home, school, French & English festivals, church, weddings, funerals and other local events.

Q- Do you play any instruments?

Jeannine learned to play the organ which lead to playing the piano.   The piano lessons as she got older, helped her develop her gift, she also learned how to read music.  The first song she played was Silent Night.

Q-What is one of your most memorable performance's?

About four years ago, Jeannine was asked to play background music for a fundraiser.  She was even reminded not to play too loud, after all she was "just" dinner music.  During dinner, one of the near by tables started singing along to the French folk songs, asked her to turn up the volume.  That caught  on fast, things kept getting louder and it did take long for it to turn into a sing along.  She's been the entertainment ever since.

Q- Are you ever nervous before you go on stage?

She always feels a bit jittery, but it's a good thing.  Jeannine says she enjoys entertaining a crowd and doesn't want them feeling like they didn't get her full effort.  She feels privileged and honored to be ask to perform any where,"there are so many options, for entertainment, if they picked me, I owe them my best".

Q- What made you decide to record a CD?

Whenever Jeannine performs she is always asked if she has a CD available, now she does.

Recording a CD has been on her "Bucket List" and now it is a goal she is able to share with her kids and family.  Which makes it even more special.

Q- What kind of songs do you perform?

Jeannine can sing almost everything from French Folk songs, traditional church hymns, variety of country songs.

Q- What advice do you have for someone thinking of recording a CD?

"Don't wait, do it!"  You get what you pay for so don't cheap out.  Once you make a CD that sound is there forever, if you are going to give your best then pay for the best,  A professional can give you tips, tricks, offer new ideas and is a extra set of ears.  

Jeannine has spent years using her gift and working hard to give her best, she wasn't going to change that now.  

Q- what was the best part of this experience, for you?

Being able to share this with her kids.  (Jeannine beamed when she gave me this answer).


If you want to see a bit more of Trilogie click in the link below.

The CD release celebration is planed for June 7,2015 at 7pm.  It will take place as it was recorded, the Fannystelle Catholic Church in Fannystelle.

Fannystelle is 25 minutes West of Winnipeg at the junction of Highway #2 and #248.

It would be great to see you.

If you would like to purchase a CD when it comes out, email me and we can make it happen.


Thank you Jeannine for welcoming me into your home.





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