Lady Bug, Lady Bug fly away home.

I don’t know about you, but I used to think Lady Bugs were nice to have around and almost kind of cute.

They do serve a purpose they eat aphids,and handy to have in the garden.

 How ever Lady Bugs become annoying when they gather and multiply in the house.

A few facts about these little spotted creatures.

- Most of the Lady bugs we see and have in our homes are Asian Lady Beetles.

-These Lady Beetles are attracted to light colored homes with warm lighting, as well as home with wood siding in wooded areas.

- They do not carry disease, don’t bite, and do not cause damage to your home.

- They do give off pheromones. If you ever move a lady bug you will see a yellow discharge they leave behind. That is blood, it does attract other lady bugs.

How to deal with lady bugs.

There are few ways to slowly get rid of these creatures if you feel that it is getting out of hand.

  • 1.Vacuum & Release. Place a nylon stocking over the hose of your vacuum cleaner and suck up the critters. You can then release them outside. If you decide to just vacuum them, make sure you plug the hose with a cloth so they don’t crawl out.
  • 2.There is a Lady Bug Light Trap, It will attract the beetle safely and then can be released outdoors.
  • 3.Seal all the cracks and openings n your home.
  • 4.Come spring Lady Bugs will return outdoors. When fall arrives you can apply a residual insecticide around the exterior of your windows and doors to keep them from coming back.

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