Odd Canadian Laws

While hearing about the noise by law being passed in Taber, I got to wondering what other odd laws there are in our country. Let's not forget about here in Winnipeg the excitement that was caused by singing being banned on a city bus.

For entertainment purposes here are a few of them.

- In Nova Scotia, it is illegal to water your lawn when it is raining.  It seems a bit obvious doesn't it?

- In Ottawa you are not allowed to eat ice cream on Bank Street on a Sunday.

- Back in 1917, Wetaskiwin, Alberta has a law that male horses were not allowed to be parked beside female horses.  Wonder of they had a "No horsing around" sign.

- It is illegal in Fort Qu' Appelle.for a teenager to walk on Main Street with their shoe laces united.

- Here in Winnipeg it is illegal to be naked in your own house with the window coverings open.  Close your blinds and curtains.

-  In Oshawa Ontario is against the law to climb trees.

If you want to share a silly law that you know about, feel free to email it to me.

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