The difference a bridge makes.

The town of St Jean Baptiste said good bye to their town bridge on February 16,2013. 

I have so many random thoughts and concerns about how this will affect the community. 

As we stood there waiting on that cold February morning, listening to community members was like being at a funeral.  They were worried about how this would affect the community.  It was now going to be a 30 minute drive to get into town just to get the mail, gas, groceries, see friends, family, get the kids to hockey and any other community event.  It would be easier and a time saver to go some place else, closer of course.

I'm quietly thinking about those "on the other side".  If it is a 30 minute drive to get to town, what about the fire department, police, ambulance? That could surely mean the difference bewteen life and death, losing your home.

We heard the first siren, then the one minute siren, followed by a very loud bang.  The bridge dropped onto to cold frozen Red River.  The bridge seemed sad that it had disappointed so many people after so many years of service.

It took years to put together and in a matter of seconds it was over and the clean began.  I hope the town of St. Jean Baptiste will get a new bridge and bring everyone back together again. 

Thank you to Meaghen Fillion of St. Jean Baptiste for the video.  The photos by various people at the blast sight and the Winnipeg Free Press.


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