6 reasons why you should NEVER buy or sell without an Agent

We here at Bachman & Associates are all for the DIY project, however when it comes to buying or selling your home, relying on an experienced Realtor can make all the difference!

We are the experts!
We know the lingo! Searching through MLS for 4B/2B with an EIK and a W/D? We are trained to speak Realtor jargon fluently.

Plus, we know and have all the forms, disclosures and reports that you need to avoid delays during the closing process!

We've got the power!
We have access to listings that you might not be able to find online! There are times when properties may be available but they may not be actively advertised, it is our job to help you find these hidden gems!

We've got sweet negotiating skills!
Let's face it, any time you are buying or selling, there is going to be negotiations—and with the housing market today, these negotiations are more than likely to become heated!

We are also here to help you draw up an offer that has room for inspections, financing and other safety nets for you!

We are sooo connected!
I'll admit, we might not know everything, but we do try to know everyone! Need a Mortgage brokers? I know a guy! How about a lawyer? Here's their number! Home inspectors, Home stagers, Interior designers—the list goes on—These guys are in my network!

There is such a thing as a Realtor Code!
We may be cutthroat, but by being a Realtor at Century 21 Bachman & Associates we do follow a Code of Ethics. Moral integrity, competent service and commitment to the interest and welfare of the public are what makes us Canadian Realtors trusted among our clients.

Let us be your wisdom/your shoulder to cry on/your voice of reason
We wear many different hats. Yes, we are salesmen, but underneath that umbrella we do a whole heck of a lot more! From driving to and from listing appointments with you; marketing your house; researching comparables to make sure you get the best deal; and making sure you feel comfortable and at ease with this ginormous life decision. We as Realtors do not take your decision to hire us lightly!  


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