Basement Foundation Repair

Unfortunately I am one of many home owners in Winnipeg who has had some water seepage in to their basement. Although it's not severe, it's enough to make me worried when there is a heavy rain storm. It's only happened a few times over the last 3 years since I've owned the house but when there is a significant downpour water ocassionally finds its way through a few spots in my foundation on one side of the house. Luckly it's only in the laundry room, which isn't carpeted and where the basement floor drain resides. All the water that does find it's way inside ends up in the floor drain, so it stays contained to that one area. Instead of having a mild heart attack every time it rains I opted to have my foundation fixed. There are a few different ways to go about it, including epoxy injection from the inside, but repairing it from the outside is the most reliable, and of course expensive way to fix it. 

The foundation company I hired to do the job started by cutting up and jackhammering out a bunch of concrete since my driveway is on the side that needed to be repaired. Once the concrete was out of the way the rest of the surrounding dirt and clay was dug out by hand over a 3 day period. The wall was inspected after it was cleaned off to find that the water was coming in through a few snap ties in the wall (snap ties are what hold the forms together when they pour a foundation and are most often where the water will find its way through). The snap ties were ground down and filled with grout. The wall was then sealed with a water proofing memberane, insluated, then backfilled with gravel. New weeping tile was also installed as the old clay tile was cracked and full of dirt and tree roots.

At the same time the wall was being waterproofed I had the foundation company put in a line from the floor drain to the sump pit, which wasn't done when the sump pit was originally installed by a previous owner. This will prevent the floor drain from overflowing when the municipal sewer system gets overloaded. 

I now have peace of mind knowing water will no longer be an issue in my basement. 

Once the work was done I started creating a wood walkway and wood stair railing around the house so the water that gathers around the foundation can find it's way to the weeping tile... and to give my house a little bit of curb appeal. 

If you have any questions about foundation work, the typical costs involved, or any other concerns you may have about a leaky basement don't hesitate to call me. I've been through it all so I can provide first hand knowledge and experience, and recommend the best ways and/or companies to fix it for you.

I'm looking forward to the next time it rains now :P

- Justin

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