Duct and Furnace cleaning. Should you do this or not?

Duct cleaning has become a popular household maintenance item but many homeowners still don't do it or haven't even heard of this. Personally, I believe it's worthwhile for many reasons.


*If you are a new home owner I highly recommend having both your ducts and furnace cleaned before moving in. Servicing the furnace at the same time for a resale home is also a great idea. This will remove dirt, dust and debris left behind from the previous owner. Nobody wants to be breathing in all of someone else's muck.

*If you have pets, children or someone smokes in the home, this would be another reason to consider having your ducts and furnace cleaned. Children will sometimes drop toys or food into the ducts, plugging up the system or creating strange smells running through your home every time the A/C or furnace turns on. Pets can shed a lot of hair which often lands in the duct work. People with allergies will feel the effects of these examples if you don't have your ducts cleaned occasionally.


*Have you completed home renovations? This is also a great time to have both your ducts and furnace cleaned. The last thing you want to be breathing in, is drywall and insulation dust. Or in the case of a new build, the dirt, dust and garbage the home builder may have left behind.


* Don't forget about your servicing the furnace and air conditioning units. When these are full of dust and debris they have to work much harder, shortening their life span.


How often should you be cleaning your ducts and furnace? Research suggests the answer will vary based on your lifestyle and family.


Who do you call to do this work, especially when there are so many great companies out there? I always like working with people and companies that come highly recommended. Do some research and ask friends and family who they worked with and if they would hire them again.


I recently hired Richard from "Mighty Ducks" to clean my home's ducts and they did a fantastic job. They service Winnipeg and surrounding areas. You can check them out at www.mightyducts.ca . For furnace servicing I recommend Travis from "Ability Heating & Plumbing". You can check them out at www.ability-services.com


Always do your research before hiring any service provider, and make sure that the company can support their claims of reputability.


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