Get a head start, get growing!

Get your Indoor Herb Garden Growing!

Choose a sunny windowsill and get your herbs growing early this spring! Having freshly grown herbs can be a great asset in any kitchen, and for curious cooks it can be a fun and rewarding project!

You will need quality potting soil, your favorite herb seeds, and a sunny windowsill providing at least 6 hours of sunlight to get your special indoor garden growing. Try to avoid hot sun exposure, as the plant leaves can burn! Hydroponic kits are another option if you don’t have the perfect herb-friendly conditions. 

Good light, water, and proper nourishment are the 3 main things you will require for successful growth of flavorful herbs. 

Here are helpful tips!

  • Water regularly and allow proper drainage from the pots; stagnant water can cause rotting plant roots.
  • Make sure you follow spacing recommendations and give your plants plenty of room! 
  • Turn, turn, turn! Frequently turn the plant pots for even growth.
  • Ease up on fertilizers- herbs like simple soil!
  • Let the plants reach 6-8 inches in height before you harvest leaves. Once the leaves of the herb plant have been snipped, allow for several leaves to grow back before the next harvest.
  • Once you become more comfortable.. try growing vegetables like tomatoes or cucumbers! 


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