Getting to Know your Century 21 Bachman REALTOR®

When it comes to buying or selling a home, we understand the importance of getting to know your REALTOR® as more than just a professional. Let’s take this opportunity to introduce the hard-working people of the Century 21 Bachman & Associates Team. For this installment of our “Meet A REALTOR®” series we asked Ron Castelane from the Castelane Team the tough questions. 

1.If you could travel back in time what year/era would you travel to? Why?

I would travel back in time to the 1940’s. There was no rat-race and everything was quieter.

2.Most embarrassing hairstyle?

Probably bowl cut when I was younger and my mum used to cut it!

3.Best restaurant in Winnipeg?

A. & W.

4.What is your proudest accomplishment?

My late wife and I raising nice children

5.If you owned a boat, what would you name it?

The Zephyr – My dad had a boat named that. It was something he was very proud of.

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