Getting your Home ready for Spring!

The clocks have sprung ahead, snow is melting, and the sun is shining.

Spring is fast approaching, so how can you prepare your home for the impending change of season?

Here are some tips & suggesting to better prepare your home:

1) Check the eavestroughs & downspouts- they will need some attention after a build up of snow and ice. Walk the perimeter of your home to ensure all eavestroughs and downspouts are connected. While you are outside, grab a ladder - clean out all the leaves & debris from the gutters, and check the roof shingles and chimney for damage.

2) Fix Cracks - Cracks are a welcome sign for water. Check the foundation, walk ways, driveways & patios for any cracking, and have them filled before that big rainstorm. Assess the grading around the house to ensure proper drainage after a heavy rainfall.

3) Caulk & Repair Windows - Gaps will allow water penetration and other unwanted pests to enter the home. Check for wood decay on window sills, scrape off old caulking and replace with new to ensure a good seal.

4) Move Junk/Wood - if you have had a pile of firewood or junk piled up against the house - MOVE IT! Damp wood for example, is a breeding ground for insects and you don't want those little guys in your home. 

5) Inspect A/C, Outdoor faucets & lights - Have a certified technician check your A/C unit before you turn it on to ensure safety and to prolong it's life. Check all other outdoor receptacles and faucets are in good working order before use.

6) Don't forget the Inside! Check the dryer vent for vent build-up, replace or clean furnace filter, test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are functioning properly. Steam clean carpets, clean out the fridge and freezer, and start to freshen up the house!

7) Give your front door some love!  Restore, paint and polish! Freshen up the door knob/handle with polish, and consider repainting the front door or choose an accent color.

Make sure you take the time to prepare your home for Spring!

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