Houses are sold all year round. However, the real estate market is definitely season-specific. Here there are some useful tips, which will definitely enhance the house selling process in winter (

Keep the house warm. Keep the house warm during showings, especially during showings. Buyers should not shiver while they look through the house. Set the thermostat to at least 20oC.

Trim the outdoor foliage. Keep your shrubs and trees free of snow, so that potential buyers don't get wet while walking up the sidewalk to your home. As your lawn will be covered by snow, it is a good idea to display some photos of the summer/spring look of your house in the entryway.

Handle winter conditions. Definitely clear ice and snow from your driveway and sidewalk well in advance of showings. Use shovels and salt in order to keep your exterior looking nice and safe to buyers. Remember that it also will keep you from getting sued by a buyer who falls or slips. Use snow removal service, if needed.

Show off the fireplace. A fireplace adds to the appeal of your home. A gas fireplace is easy to turn on before a showing. A wood-burning fireplace a bit trickier to prepare for showings.  Make sure that the chimney is in good condition to avoid any problems.

Add comfort to your home. Some small things will improve the impression of your home in winter. For example: adding blankets to your couch, turning back the comforter on the bed, baking a pie or cookies for the smell, lighting some candles, and turning on some relaxing music.

Make sure your home is well lit. Use all the lights available, like outside and inside lights, security lights, candles, LED lighting, etc. Don't concentrate on your electricity bill while selling your home in winter. Make also as much use of natural lighting as possible.

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