Happy Home, Happy Homeowner!

Your home is your haven, a special place for you to welcome friends and family, and a symbol of success. Regular home maintenance protects your investment, protects you and your loved ones, saves YOU money and can reduce the total cost of ownership.

Creating a 'Home-Maintenance' account may be a great solution for having the funds available to regularly care for your home. It has been said that 'for every $1 that is spent on maintenance, up to $100 of repairs are avoided'. 

Checklists for each home will be different, and should include monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks. Establish a routine, as you will find it easy and less time consuming. If you do not feel comfortable performing certain tasks, or do not have the proper equipment, call a professional who can safely complete them for you.

Happy Home, Happy Homeowner!


Below is a great link for seasonal home maintenance.


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