Hello?? Hello? Spring Are You Here??

Well, here we are in April and it looks and feels like December.  I, like most people in this province are beyond stir-crazy, it's gone to outright outrage.  Who do we call about this?  Who do we complain to? 

Most of us get ready for the long hard winter thinking "I can do this".  We put on our parkas and say "come on winter, gimme what you got".  There's a sense of "we're not scared", because once we get through it we are rewarded with an amazing spring and summer.  This year, however, there is an undeniable feeling in the air of unjustness.  We deserve a nice spring and summer!  We live in the best province of the best country in the world!  Because we power through the hard months, we now are supposed to laugh at the coastal provinces with their unpredictable and rainy weather. 

Okay, enough negative!  We have gotten through the worst and any day now it will all change and we will feel the warmth of the sun on our faces, we will see the buds on the trees and the bright green lawns.  I know it sounds impossible, but we will be able to go outside with no jacket or socks and start the internal thaw from this long winter.

I find it funny that people are wondering why it seems the housing market is slowing down.  It's really not, I can see how sales jump as soon as it's nice enough outside for people to start looking for their next perfect home.  If you've been considering looking around, take advantage of this terrible weather and get out there before the market goes crazy as I believe it will.  Don't pay more because it's warmer outside.  Sounds crazy, but it's true.

And don't worry, a month from now we will be in our flip-flops that this extended winter will just be another story we can tell people to show how tough us Manitobans are!  Come on SPRING!!!! 

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