House Plants for a Healthier Home

Besides their beautiful, vibrant colors & textures, plants bring incredible benefits to you and your home! 


1) Enjoy Fresh air! Indoor air can be toxic. Plants filter out chemicals, toxins & other harmful vapors in the air that cause respiratory or neurological problems. 


2) Plants make you Happy! They allow you to be calm, optimistic, and contribute to your overall well being. Studies have been shown patients to recover quicker when given a garden view!


3) Better sleep! Plants release oxygen & beautiful fresh aromas into the air, all aiding in the sleep process!


4) Plants allow you to work better! Absolutely - they inspire, improve my mood, and enhance my creativity!


5) Plants can offer treatment & relief! Aloe Vera is an incredible plant that aids in wound healing & skin irregularities. They can also offer pain relief!


Basically Plants are amazing living things that should be IN your home! There are so many MORE benefits that you can read about online.

My recommendations for house plants are as follows ( based on my experience and the knowledge of my mother who is essentially the 'Plant Whisperer'):

Aloe Vera - one of my favourites!

Spider Plant

Snake Plant

Golden Pothos

Peace Lily

Bamboo Palm

Common Jade

Happy planting! Don't forget to check out  to learn about my GREEN initiatives - The TREEHOUSE PROGRAM!



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