How to Make Your Kitchen Attractive to Buyers

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, its one of the main focal points for any prospective buyer. When the time comes to selling your property it's a no brainer a great kitchen plays a huge role in selling that home quickly. I can't even count the amount of times I've shown a property to buyer and their response was " I loved that house but the kitchen.... not so much."  This does not mean gut your kitchen and renovate it from scratch, just simply do what you can in order to make it look more appealing to the eyes of the buyer.

Here is some tips for prepping the kitchen for sale:

You may want to start clearing your counter-tops of items such as toasters, coffee makers, spice racks, bread boxes etc. You want your counter space to seem as spacious as possible, lack of counter space is always off-putting to potential buyers.

If your kitchen has older cabinets you can always add flare to them with new knobs, pulls and hardware. By painting the walls and ceilings it will make it seem like your kitchen went under a major renovation. 

If your counter-tops are old and outdated you may want to replace them as well it could get costly but its worth it in the long run. They're making some very unique laminate counter-tops these days that at a glance look like granite.

Keep in mind that in my experience as an agent, buyers tend to open cabinet doors and drawers so make sure all the garbage and recycling has been removed from the home and the counter-tops are wiped down add in a hidden air freshener in the room and your set.

There is many other cost effective ways in making your home look attractive for resale, if you want to learn more ideas give me a call 204-470-7557.

Your friend, your pal, your REALTOR®!

-Travis Lee 

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