How to Stop Wooden Floors from Squeaking

Squeaky wooden floors are often caused by boards rubbing together. If this problem seems to occur at certain times of the year, it may be due to either seasonal swelling or shrinkage. If so, the squeaks can be temporarily remedied by sprinkling talcum powder in the affected area. However, chronic squeaking is caused by loosened flooring nails. Depending on the location of the nail(s), resolving the problem may simply be a matter of re-securing the board with a similar sized screw (which stays in place longer than a nail). Be sure not to put the screw in the same nail hole. If the floor is a tongue-and-groove installation, this might be more difficult, because the nail heads will likely be out of sight unless the adjoining board is removed. In such cases you should speak to a flooring expert, who may simply recommend countersunk screws covered by wood filler.
If you have a main floor squeak, you could also try to access the floorboards from the basement ceiling, and drive a screw upwards through the sub-floor below-but be sure the screw won't poke through. Measure the combined thickness of the floorboards and sub-floor first, by checking an existing hole that's been cut for a register, duct, pipe or cable.

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