How to impress: homes for sale


How to Impress: Homes For Sale



1st Impressions Matter

  • In a tough market curb appeal is key. There's no point spending time & money on getting the inside of the property ready for viewings if the people drive by without stopping because the outside inn't very appealing. 

Tips: Clean the windows, make sure walk way is safe, remove weeds & debris. 


Tidy Up

  • It might seem pretty basic, but tidy up before a viewing! Vacuum the floors, wash dishes, put laundry away, make beds, and clean bathrooms.



  • The kitchen is the heart of the home. It needs to be spotless, that includes the inside & outside of the cupboards, ovens & fridges. You don't need to have every gadget you own out on display. If you have a nice mixer or toaster it can be left on the countertop. 


Dining Room

  • Dress your table for a party. If you don't have posh dinner table cutlery, dress the table with a centrepiece such as a vase with flowers in it rather then leaving the table bare. This gives the room a purpose and sells aspirational lifestyle. 



  • It goes without saying that bathrooms like kitchens, should be spotlessly clean. Purchase some new towels, put out nice posh soap. Tidy away toothpaste & deodorant. Get a new shower curtain -plain white ones are really inexpensive, and there is nothing more off putting than a mouldy shower curtain. 


Dress for Success

  • If you don't have, or want to spend a whole lot of money preparing your property, see to the remedial jobs first. Fix dripping taps, fill in cracks in walls, replace burnt out lights. Then do some shopping replace tired cushions. Plump cushions together with throws on sofa's & beds to create the impression of comfort & luxury. 


Yard & Garden

  • Remove any dead or wilting plants & weeds, put out deck furniture (if the season is appropriate), add some planters for colour. 



Ensure your property is dressed and ready for presentation when the agent takes the photos for the website- not afterwards. This is the first place people will see inside your property and you want it to look its BEST!






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