Living in frigid city of Winnipeg we all do this one thing whether its clicking a button on a key fob or running outside in our skivvy's and boots, we have all done this at some point. Its the process of starting our vehicles and letting them warm up in the winter time. But what some of you may not know is letting your car idle is completely unnecessary, with modern day vehicles all having fuel injection the only real reason to let your car run is to get the oil circulating but according to many mechanics after 30 seconds that task is done. 

To a REALTOR® like myself  my car is my lifeblood I'm in my vehicle a good majority of my work days, so why wouldn't I want to keep my car in healthy working order. Letting your car idle forces the engine to run very inefficiently and over time can degrade the engine performance as well as the gas mileage.  Leaving your car to idle is not only bad for your vehicle it's also bad for your health, even by leaving your garage open while the car is running it will still expose you and your family to carbon monoxide as well as other noxious fumes that can potentially seep into your home. Exhaust air pollution has been linked to causing cancer, asthma, and lung and heart disease.

Idling also costs money. People who have remote starters typically leave their car running for 15 minutes at a time, In those 15 minutes you car is burning fuel, a hole in your wallet and leaving an open invitation for vehicle theft. It's proven that physically driving your car warms it up quicker, so throw on those garbage mitts and that big clunky scarf that your grandma knitted for you and start driving folks. 

So next time you're thinking of investing in a remote car starter maybe think of having a block heater installed instead. It's way more cost efficient and helps warm your engine block for one to two hours before the vehicle's engine is turned over making it a lot more easier for the car to start in those early cold mornings. 


"Your friend, your pal, your REALTOR®" - Travis Lee 


PS. Did you notice in the above picture that one of the vehicles is parked backwards? Funny right?

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