Is the winter a good time to sell?

When is the best time to put my house on the market?  Most people will think that Spring is the best time to sell but that's not necessarily true.  

Generally in real estate the Spring market sees the most traffic in terms of both buyers and new listings, but being one of many isn't always a positive.

There may be more traffic through a listing in the Spring but it's not necessarily good, qualified, serious, "will make an offer" traffic.  You will often find that those looking at homes in the Winter months are very motivated to buy and aren't just out kicking tires.  The Spring market brings out all sorts of folks, some buyers, some dreamers, and some just out for a nice drive.  If someone is bundling up at sub zero temperatures to come look at your home, they are serious.

What does that mean for you, the seller?

Getting your house ready for a showing is not easy.  You have to put all the dishes away, make all the beds, get the laundry downstairs, hide the toys, hide the pet accessories, ship the pets out of the house and all the other smart tips your REALTOR® has given you to show your house at it's best.  In the winter, you are rarely going to be doing this for one of those non serious Spring shoppers.  Your efforts will not go to waste.    

Be the top of the pile..... or be the entire pile

Another advantage of listing your home in the Winter is a lack of competition.  Fewer people sell in the winter and therefore your home will stand out among fewer other offerings on the market.  It's nice to be the best one of 5 as opposed to the fifth best of 20 on someones list of potential homes.  Better yet, you could find yourself sitting alone in a particular neighbourhood or price point, almost guaranteeing that you are capturing the attention of all the buyers in that particular market segment.   

Christmas Cheer

There is a certain warm and fuzzy feeling surrounding the holidays. Walking into a home that has been decorated for the season provides a homey feel that resonates with buyers long after they've gone home to think about it.  In addition, the helping hand of quick possession terms, gets buyers thinking about spending Christmas in their new home.  The purchase of a home is largely an emotional one for many, so evoking those warm and fuzzies is an excellent strategy to sell. 

For more information on selling your home contact Amy Quinton with Century 21 Bachman & Associates.

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