Love at First Sight

In a recent column in the Winnipeg Free press,  LInda Nguyen of the Canadian Press stated that finding a new home can be an emotional roller coaster but finding the right one often comes down to love at first sight. In a report titled Psychology of House Hunting, the Bank of Montreal found that 80% of prospective home buyers know if a house is the right one for them the moment they step inside. 

The study found on average, house hunters visit 10 homes before they decide to buy a home, while 68% say they're willing to settle for a property that's not "perfect." This same study said that first time home buyers are more likely to feel stressed and anxious as well. Emotions felt while looking for a home ranged from excited, cautious, optimistic to stressed and anxious. 

Having a positive home-buying experience is possible by working together with your real estate salesperson,  being practical in your approach to the process, knowing where you stand financially and having realistic expectations.  



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