March is Fraud Prevention Month. People of all ages, especially seniors, can be victims of fraud. The following info is adapted from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website ( and community newspaper “Herald”.

The most frequent scams include:

1) The fraudsters claim there is a problem with your bank account or tax return;

2) Someone may phone or use mail to get you to donate money to a fake charity;

3) They may call saying that your relative or friend is in trouble and that you need to wire money to get him or her out of trouble;

 4) Some fraudsters will impersonate a bank investigator and trick you into sending them your own money;

5) Scammers could call you and pretend to represent a well-known computer company and claim that your computer has been hacked or has a virus and requires cleaning and some program changes.

So, please be aware of the different types of scams that are out there.

It is important to keep your private information unavailable to scammers. The best way is to shred any papers containing your address, Social Security Numbers, bank and credit cards information. Winnipeg Police Service is having free shredding day tomorrow, March 24, at St. Vital Centre from 11 am till 1 pm. Maximum 2 bags or boxes per person. Look for Shred-It truck.

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