Make your Bathrооm Guеst-Ready

In this festive season we all could get over our houses and apartments some expected and, even, unexpected, nevertheless welcomed, guests. It is good to be prepared for them. One of the most important areas of our dwellings is bathroom. I found the following great tips on the Internet and very much would like to share them with everybody…

"Make your Bathrооm Guеst-Ready

When you entertain, you might go to great lengths to clean, tidy and fluff your home. But the one room that’s sometimes neglected by even the best host is the bathroom.

Although a routine trip to the bathroom may seem forgettable, your guests will always remember dirty towels on the floor or smudges on the mirror. Here are a few tips to help you make sure your bathroom is guest-ready.

This advice might seem obvious, but we all know that after a while we don’t see the little smudges or hairs that seem to take up permanent residence in our bathrooms, so be sure to clean with a guest’s eye (let’s face it – even the tiniest amount of grime in a bathroom that’s not yours is just plain gross).

Wipe up pools of wetness, such as water, blobs of liquid soap and mouthwash, and clean away hairs that might be on the counter, bathtub, toilet, sink and floor. Be sure to clean the toilet, mirrors, tiles, sink, faucets, tub and soap dishes. Replace mouldyshower curtains and wash the carpets, mats and towels.

If you’re short on time and a thorough cleaning isn’t an option, a quick wipe-down of main surfaces with some environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner will do the trick!

Tidy Up
While it might be convenient to keep your hair dryer, shaver and zit cream out in the open so they’re easy to reach, be sure to put personal items away when guests are expected. Also neatly fold and hang up the towels, close your shower curtains and hide or move any drying laundry.

If you keep your cat’s litter box in the bathroom move it to another part of your home so it’s out of the sight (and smell radius) of guests. If that’s not possible, clean the litter box thoroughly and sweep up any litter that’s spilled onto the floor.

Neutralize Odour
The slightly “off” odour that can develop over time in your bathroom may not be noticeable to you, but your guests could be left holding their nose (or breath). Cleaning your bathroom will dramatically improve its smell. But if cleaning doesn’t seem to quite do it, there are lots of options, such as a quick spray of air freshener, a lightly scented candle, soaps that smell like flowers or fruit, a fragrant plant or potpourri.

Just be careful not to over-perfume your bathroom, which could be a problem for guests who are sensitive to strong fragrances. You can also try airing out your bathroom by opening the window or vent, or running the fan.

Get Out Your Tool Kit
There’s nothing more frustrating or embarrassing than having a “technical difficulty” while in the supposed privacy of someone else’s bathroom. A toilet that doesn’t flush properly, broken door locks, burned out light bulbs, a leaky or tricky faucet, drapes that only provide semi-privacy from the outside world — these are all glitches that should either be fixed or told to guests up front so they aren’t caught by surprise. You can even post helpful notes like “to flush toilet, hold handle down for 30 seconds.”

Provide Guest Amenities
It’s always nice to give guests a few extras that are just for them. Providing guest towels means visitors aren’t left wondering where to wipe their hands. Making sure there’s hand lotion, fresh (rather than goopy and old) soap and easy-to-access air freshener will make visitors feel welcome.

You should also have some extra toilet paper on hand either neatly placed on the back of the toilet seat or displayed in a decorative basket next to the toilet so guests don’t have to hunt for it.

Add a Touch of Flair
Have fun with your bathroom decor! Hang a painting or photograph, choose colourful soaps, display some scented candles or add some foliage. A striking shower curtain and a bath mat with lots of texture are great ways to add style to your space. Little touches like this can make your bathroom more inviting for your guests and for you!"


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