Meet a REALTOR - DJ Trudeau

When it comes to buying or selling a home, we understand the importance of getting to know your REALTOR® as more than just a professional. Our “Meet A REALTOR®” series introduces the hard-working people of the Century 21 Bachman & Associates, and provides a personal look at each of us as residents of our community. For this installment, we spoke with DJ Trudeau about what it means to live and work as a REALTOR® in Winnipeg & the surrounding area.



1)    How long have you lived in Winnipeg?

I moved back to Winnipeg in 2009 after living in Alberta, so roughly 5 years.


2)    Why did you choose to settle here?

Winnipeg is where the Family is, my life is here.


3)    What is your favorite thing about living in Winnipeg?

My favorite thing about living in Winnipeg is that it is so welcoming, anywhere you go you are bound to see someone you know, or meet someone new that makes you feel right at home.


4)    What makes Manitoba different than any other province to live?

What makes Manitoba different than any other province is our small prairie feel. We have things that are specific to our province such as Socials. Manitoba is famous for socials! It is always great when you attend to show your support, and you know half of the people in the room. Not to mention our cost of living and housing prices are on the lower scale of Canada.


5)    Tell us a few of your favorite activities to do or places to visit in the area?

I usually like to spend my down time at the family cottage in Ontario. However on a daily basis I enjoy going to the gym, attending various festivals that are held throughout the city. Relaxing on a patio with some good food and good company. I always love attending sporting events such as Bomber and Gold Eyes Games in the summer, and JETS Games in the winter.


6)    Tell us one thing you love about working in the real estate industry and why?

I love being a REALTOR®, it is probably one of the most rewarding careers. You get to see people achieve their goals every day, and knowing that you were a part of that has to be the best feeling someone can have.


7)    Why did you choose a career in real estate:

I chose a career in real estate because I love people. I love helping someone find exactly what they are looking for whether it be a first home, third, fourth, maybe tenth home. As well as people looking to invest, and hopefully one day achieve their retirement goals with real estate. I love putting in the hours, and making sure that every single one of my clients gets exactly what they need.


8)    How has technology helped you as a REALTOR®?

Technology has made it easy in a way that we are able to gain access to information fast. If someone see’s a sign that just got put on a property minutes ago, we can look to the internet and find out almost everything there is to know about that property before physically seeing it, giving us the chance to qualify the property, and see if it meets the needs of my clients. It also has helped in communication now with cell phones and text messaging. You can have any question answered within minutes of asking.


9)    Describe one quality about yourself, which has helped you develop the necessary skills to be a successful REALTOR® with Century 21 Bachman & Associates?

My Hard work, and dedication. When I take on a client I am devoted to them, I make sure that all of the “t’s” are crossed and “I’s” are dotted. I always make my self-available 24 hours a day 7 days a week if need be.


10) Why Century 21 Bachman & Associates?

When I sent out e-mails to brokerages, Shirley responded within minutes. Later did I find out that she was on holidays out of the country, which meant something to me. That meant that no matter when or where I needed help that it would be there. I came into the office and met with Shirley, met some Realtors, office staff and got to sit down with Gary himself. I knew when I walked out of the office that I had found my new home. They always say you should follow your gut feeling, and my gut told me that Century 21 Bachman & Associates was where I wanted to begin my journey into Real Estate.



If you are thinking of buying or selling call: DJ Trudeau 204-453-7653

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