Meet a REALTOR®: Magdalene Dziurko-Bodnik

Getting to Know your Century 21 Bachman REALTOR®


When it comes to buying or selling a home, we understand the importance of getting to know your REALTOR® as more than just a professional. Our “Meet A REALTOR®” series introduces the hard-working people of
Century 21 Bachman & Associates, and provides a personal look at each of us as residents of our community. For this installment, we spoke with Magdalene Dziurko-Bodnik about what it means to live and work as a REALTOR® in Winnipeg & the surrounding area.

 1)    How long have you lived in Winnipeg?
I’ve lived in Winnipeg for the last 24 yrs

2)    Why did you choose to settle here?
My parents emigrated from Poland when I was a child – they chose Winnipeg because it had an established eastern European community. In my adulthood, I chose to settle here because being close to my family is very important to me, also, Winnipeg has embraced multiculturalism enabling other cultures to practice and share their heritage with other Winnipeggers. I enjoy annul events such as Folklorama and Festival Du Voyageur. In addition, Winnipeg and its surrounding communities are very affordable to live and raise a family

3)    What is your favorite thing about living in Manitoba?
My favorite thing about living in Manitoba is the fact that we have four seasons; I am an active person by nature and I enjoy activities such as biking, jogging, swimming, camping and being close to the water. One of my favorite things to do in summer months is to go camping

4)    What makes Manitoba different than any other province to live?
From a real estate perspective; what I like most about Manitoba is its diversified economy. We are rich in natural resources and fertile farmland. We have a large manufacturing sector; Manitoba is home to Canada’s largest furniture plants, doors, windows and cabinetry. We are also North America’s largest producer of buses and coaches, and we have a strong service sector with companies like Great West Life and CanWest Global Communications. This diversified approach prevents us from being dependant on any single industry or commodity and ensures our prosperity for the future

5)    Tell us a few of your favorite activities to do or places to visit in the area?
One of my favorite places to visit is Gimli, Manitoba. I love being close to the water and dining on fresh fish

6)    Tell us one thing you love about working in the real estate industry and why?
Most appealing aspect about being a REALTOR® is my ability to use my professional training and knowledge of the market to assist people in finding suitable and affordable housing, or selling their home and helping them transition into the next chapter of their life       

7)    Describe your favorite sale in real estate:
Real estate is a multifaceted and cyclical industry. Another exciting aspect of it is working with property investors who are handy with their tools and not afraid of a little bit of “elbow grease”. I enjoy the challenge of finding a home in need of repair and pairing it up with a suitable investor. I appreciate their role in the industry as they restore and modernize homes from dilapidated and dysfunctional structures to livable and comfortable homes. The trend not only revitalizes the home, it also leaves a positive impact on the neighbourhood and it contributes to our overall economy

8)    How has technology helped you as a REALTOR®?
Technology has played a very functional and practical role in my career. Aside from the standard cell phone and laptop, due to the mobile nature of the profession, I find it very helpful to use an iPad when working with clients. It enables me to have access to the MLS data from anywhere and anytime. It gives my clients the benefit of working with live data as it becomes available to the market, analyze other comparable properties, relevant statistics, send and receive various documents

9)    Describe one quality about yourself, which has helped you develop the necessary skills to be a successful REALTOR® with Century 21 Bachman & Associates?
One skill which has contributed to my success is my ability to work hard, stay focused and committed to my goals

10)Why Century 21 Bachman & Associates?
I chose Century 21 Bachman & Associates because it is committed to professional growth through ongoing training, it exemplifies exceptional service, integrity and measurable results


If you are thinking of buying or selling call: Magdalene Dziurko-Bodnik 204-453-7653

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