Meet our Staff Member: Helga Drobko



For this special instalment of our "Meet our Realtor" series, we spoke with one of our

staff members, Helga Drobko. Helga is the conveyancing administrator at Century

21 Bachman & Associates.


1) How long have you lived in Winnipeg?

Since 1954!


 2)Why did you choose to settle here?

Migrated with parents from Austria.


 3)What is your favorite thing about living in Winnipeg?



 4) What makes Manitoba different than any other province to live?



5) Tell us a few of your favorite activities to do or places to visit in the area?

Walking, reading, going to the lake, and especially being with family.


6) Tell us one thing you love about working in the real estate industry and why?

People. Especially the support staff and agents, as well as challenging work.


7) How has technology helped you in the Real Estate Business?

Helps me be better prepared to do my job as best as I can every day.


8) Describe one quality about yourself, which has helped you develop the

necessary skills to be a successful Staff Member with Century 21 Bachman &


Being able to adapt to many different situations, technology and people over the years.


9) Why Century 21 Bachman & Associates?

Because the previous employer was bought out by Bachman & Associates and have been here ever since.

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