Mop or shovel? The decision is yours

Wow, we have had a brutal winter this year and I think we are tired of digging ourselves and vehicles out of the snow.

However there is one more thing we all need to shovel, and that is OUR HOMES.

Getting the snow off the roof is a good start.  As the snow starts to melt it becomes very heavy and can damage the shingles and roof.  Leading to an inconvience of a leaky roof and an expensive repair to your roof.

I always recommend to hire a professional.  If you choose to do this yourself be careful the last thing you want to do is make a trip to the emergency room. 

Next you will want to get the snow away from your foundation.

Getting the snow away from your foundation will reduce the risk of spring run off seeping into your basement.

If your are able to hire someone to get the snow away from you home, that would be perfect.  If not then hopefully you are able to use a snowblower (borrow one if you can).  The third option and I am sure none of us want to do this one, it is shoveling it by hand.

If shoveling by hand do not try and get it done in one day.  Enlist the help of family, friends, neighbors make it community effort.  Don't hurt yourselve when shoveling by hand.

Remember to stay safe and don't over do it. 

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