Outdoor spring maintence.

Here in Manitoba we are all hoping for a slow spring melt.

As we wait for mother nature to send us melting temperatures there are some things we can do to prevent damage often cause by melting snow.

1.  Get the snow off your roof tops, this includes your home, garage and any other out buildings you may have.

Hire a  professional and make sure the are insured.  This will help prevent ice damming and possible damage to your roof and home.


2. The other thing we can do, to help prevent too much water damage is, shovel around the foundation of our homes.  It does require elbow grease, so take a day or two if you must.  If  you have a snow blower even better. 

Clear a good five feet around the foundation of your home.  It sounds like a lot, but if you have had water in your basement just once, you will understand.


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