Shifting and Cracking Foundations


Shifting and cracking foundations

Winnipeg home owners love their basements. Extra room to entertain and to store those seasonal items.  But several problems can occur, including flooding basements with cracking and shifting foundations. Normally, our main concern is during wet weather, when basement cracks allow moisture and sump pumps become overwhelmed by the water. There are several causes of shifting and cracking foundation walls and a few maintenance and preventative tactics can help.

Tree Roots

Trees planted too close to foundations, can over time develop roots that are big enough to crack concrete. As prevention, don’t plant trees or even large shrubs too close to the house. However, if your home already has several large trees around it, you will want to gradually remove some of the tree. If you have several large trees close to your home and decide to suddenly remove them, the moisture levels around your home will suddenly change. This can affect home foundations, and can cause severe shifting and settling


Extended Drought

Extended dry periods, will cause the ground to dry and crack, shifting soil all along your foundation walls. Prevention: Water your foundation on a regular basis. When watering your lawn, make sure your sprinklers work right up to the basement walls, to keep the soil nice and moist.

While it is commonly believed, a house beyond a certain age will have settled quite some time ago, but I have heard of some cases where homes 30 plus years are still shifting.

Taking preventative measures to maintain your home and doing repairs when necessary is the best way to ensure you’re the condition and value of your home.

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