Signs Spring has sprung in Winnipeg

Where else but Winnipeg when it's -20 you will hear "it's not bad out,no wind today" 

But, finally I think we have turned the corner March 27 and it's only -12.

I took a peek at the next 7 days for Winnipeg.. it does look like warmer days ahead. Monday does not look that great but 6 out of 7 is wonderful! 

Some of the signs of Spring:

Two geese waddled in a field..okay I did see them in a flap - more then likely one was telling the other "I told you it was too early to go north".

Spotted someone in shorts... spotted him in Osborne Village. enough said

Flowers sprouting...In someone house but a sure sign of spring

Pot holes....seen a few... sure sign of spring

Not wearing mitts. that a sure sign of spring or cold hands.

Did see a few blades of grass...I keep it in a jar from the previous year.

The Official Day of Spring was March 21 so, it's official! 

Happy Spring! 

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