Simple Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Summer!

Winnipeggers have been blessed with a year of beautiful weather, and summer is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

First take a moment, to express gratitude... when was the last time we had a spring like this???

If you are like me, you as well as your home, should be running as efficiently as possible, so here are 10 TIPS to get ready for the summer ahead!

1) Change out your filters in your heating/cooling system for highest efficiency!

2) Tighten and lubricate door hinges that may have become warped by changing seasons

3) Pack away the warm wardrobe! Ditch those heavy jackets, boots, mitten & scarves. 

4) Install fabric curtains or roll-up shades to keep the heat out of the house. Look into changing out old inefficient windows for new, energy efficient tri-panes that will reduce noise and save you money!

5) Organize the garage! You will be in an out of there often this summer - know where that great beach chair is!

6) Swap out those warm flannel sheets for lighter linens

7) Keep your lawn & garden nicely irrigated - periodically check the perimeter for any areas that are dry

8) Give your dryer a break! Hang your laundry outdoors on warm days to save on your energy bill 

9) Protect the wood outdoors! Stain wood surfaces with a quality exterior wood finish to extend the longevity

Last but not least... my favourite!

10) Grow a garden of goodness! Want to eat healthy, save money and give back to the environment? Tomatoes, herbs, lettuce, carrots.. possibilities are endless!

Enjoy a fabulous summer, and don't forget to be good to our environment!



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