Spring cleaning tips.

Spring has  finally sprung and it is time to get the fresh air inside and out with the old man winter.

With no need to go to the gym! 

I have10 steps that I like to do to get the work done fast.

1.  Open up the windows and crank up the music. 

2.  I like to  start at the far end of the house and work my way to the door.  Whatever I can not find a place for gets put at the door.

3.  I will dust with a microfiber cloth.  Especially great around T.V's, and other electronic components.

4. I do the windows next.  Using a combination of water and house hold vinegar in a spray bottle.  Using newspaper to wipe the windows reduces streaks.

5. Get the vacuum cleaner and suck it up!   Don't forget to aim your vacuum up and get the corners of  the walls and ceiling.  There's always a spider web or two hiding.

6. I like to have two mops (both with squeeze triggers) with two buckets of  hot water.  One mop and bucket for the walls, the other for the floor.  Then it's on to the next room.

7. Bathrooms are the smallest room in the house, but often takes the longest.  I like to take my shower curtain down and send it through the washing machine.  For  cleaners in the bathroom again I use vinegar and water for the mirrors, taps.  For the tub surround I like to use Method bath tub cleaner, mmmm smells great.  For the toilet bowl it's good old fashioned Pine Sol

8. Once the house it done, and there is a pile of stuff at the front door, I go through that.  If it is in good shape and still usable, I will take it to my local second hand store, M.C.C. in Carmen, Maniotba.

9. Then it's the outside of the house.  I will hose off the siding using the garden hose and an extension car wash brush. and scrub the siding clean.

10. Finally the outside of the windows.  More water and vinegar.

You will stand back with pride and the fresh smell of spring has been welcomed into you home,

Have a fantastic summer, you deserve it!

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