Internet offers the homeowners top three upgrades increasing long-term value of their homes (

Although every home upgrades is associated with spending time and money, some projects can actually save you money in a long run by improving the resale value of your home. Not to mention it will make the home more pleasant to live in.

The top three home long-lasting upgrades found on above mentioned websites are: 1) roofing, 2) trim, and 3) entryway.

“Roofing.The roof is an integral part of a house’s curb appeal. It’s also a vital protective layer between the elements and your family. Roofing should be impact-, fire- and severe weather-resistant, as well as beautiful — especially as extreme weather events are growing more common and severe across America. A new roof can pay off, according to “Remodeling” magazine, which cites a 72 percent recoup of costs in their 2015 Cost vs. Value study.

Skip over bargain-basement priced roofs, even if you’re on a budget. What’s important is finding a roof that will be virtually maintenance free for years to come. You may pay more out of pocket now, but you’ll save big on repairs, inspection and maintenance in the long run.

Natural slate and shake roofing materials evoke images of traditional charm and long-standing durability. However they have an inherent tendency to degrade as they age. Check out manmade materials, such as polymer slate and shake roofing tiles, which offer the authentic look of natural materials but are more resistant to chipping, flaking and splintering over time.” Notably, some polymer roofing options might even help you get a break on homeowner’s insurance.

“Trim.Boost curb appeal, as well as interior style, with millwork, moulding and trim. While these elements don’t always serve a functional purpose other than to add beauty and value to your home, it’s important that they resist humidity, moisture and insects all the same, so you don’t experience warping or decay.” Some manufacturers offer polyurethane “to create varying textures for millwork, from smooth to stone to woodgrain.” It is great for emphasizing the specifics of your house’s features.

“Entryway.Your home’s entryway should be welcoming, beautiful and energy-efficient. To better insulate against cold and heat, and improve long-term performance, consider upgrading to a fiberglass door. It’s a cost-effective home improvement project with true value. Indeed the “Remodeling” magazine study finds a 72 percent cost recouped rate for new fiberglass doors and a solid fiberglass door can be up to four times more energy efficient than solid wood.

Considering the above, it seems to be money worth to replace worn-out roofing, doors and trim, with the high quality products to ensure that you are getting good value on your investment.

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