The Importance of List Price

First impressions are not always made when you think. It's not the curb appeal of your house, how clean it is or how good the cookies smell at your open house........ It's your list price!

First impressions are made when potential buyers see your list price and street address and wonder if this looks like a home worth pursuing.  A million dollar home in the North End and a $200,000 home on Wellington Cresc. are great examples of this.  I don't have to tell you another thing about either home to know you would rather see the one on Wellington Cresc. 

While this is an extreme example, it's very important to balance buyers expectations and shopping behaviours when pricing your home. To create a positive perception we would much rather have a large group of people eagerly anticipating what they'll see when they get to your house rather than a few if any skeptical buyers.

Sometimes a list price we suggest is a price you wouldn't be prepared to accept. You are never obligated to accept a list price offer. If it is in fact worth much more than your list price then the market will correct and you will sell for more money. 

Unfortunately, most buyers don't care what you "want" for your home as they recognize a selling price is more related to what other homes  they can buy with their money as compared to yours.




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