The "spring" market is finally here

Finally the weather has begun to look like spring (some days anyway).  With the change for the better in that area, home sales have begun to take off too.  Our spring market was a bit slow and we were actually about a month or two behind where we were last year.  May will prove to be a successful month for sales, once all the stats are tallied.  In some areas of the city that means simply that houses are selling at,or close to, the asking price in a period of time that most would agree is quick.  In other area, like River Heights for example, houses are still commanding over list prices with multiple offers.  Last week a house on Montrose went for $100,000 over list price.  That tells us that the market is still strong, but you need the skills of a seasoned veteran to guide you through the intimidation of multiple offers.  I anticipate that we will see a continuing strong market throughout the summer and well into fall.  Hard to think that in 3 months we will be into fall and have yet to experience spring.  What a year!!!

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