Thinking of selling this spring?! Take preventative measures so you don't end up with a flooded basement.

High river levels this spring are said to increase the risk of basement flooding. The risk increases because the sewer system relies heavily on pumping stations instead of gravity to carry the rainfall runoff, according to the City of Winnipeg.

Please take the following precautions to protect your home....

  • Residents who live along the river should remove or secure any structures or equipment from the river edge.
  • Arrange for a plumber to install a sewer line backup valve with a  sump pit and pump in the basement.
  • Ensure drainage (drain pipes) are directed away from your home.Remove high levels of snow from the basement walls and ensure the earth is built up preventing the water from draining towards your home.

A subsidy is available to reduce the cost of installing sump pumps and back watervalves to protect your home from spring flooding. For more info please click on the following link One of the top questions buyers ask when viewing a property "Is there a sump pit, pump and backwater valve?" This would be very benefical to you as a seller to have this done.




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