When is the best time to sell?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of today's REALTORS®. Most people want to sell in the spring and summer in Manitoba. Our yards look beautiful, flowers are in bloom and the grass is green. We all want our property to look its best. There will be more homes for sale at that time so remember your property will be competing for the attention of the buyers in the market place. Winter is a beautiful time to sell with the crisp,white snow on the ground and blanketing our trees. Most of us have our home's interior decorated and cleaned for the holidays. Our homes look fantastic. People move at all times of the year. Transfers occur at anytime! Anyone heading out to look at properties for sale in the winter  in Manitoba are SERIOUS.I advise clients to take photos of their home and property in all of Manitoba's seasons. So whenever you choose to sell you can show off your home in all our glorious seasons.

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