When's a good time to call your REALTOR®?

Like most people if you're feeling under the weather or have a health concern you call your doctor, if something is wrong with your vehicle you call your mechanic, if your drains are clogged you call your plumber. So doesn't it go without saying, shouldn't you call your REALTOR® if you have any real estate related questions ?

Many people tend to only call a REALTOR® when they're planning to buy a property , sell a property or in many cases both. That is obviously a very important reason to call a REALTOR® but shouldn't be the only reason. 

So here is a few other reasons as to why you should keep in touch with a good REALTOR®:

- To get a sense of what homes are selling for in your current neighbourhood.

- To find out the current market value of your home. 

- To find out what homes are selling for in a neighbourhood that you're considering moving to.

- To find out if now is a good time to sell or in the near future.

- To get a the current state of your local real estate market because market trends may differ from what you see on national news. 

- To get an update on current mortgage rates. 

- To get an estimate of basic renovation costs.

The list goes on folks, so don't be afraid to keep in contact with a good REALTOR® if you have any questions or need some real estate advice.  A good real estate professional is full of knowledge and should always make time to answer basic inquiries.

Happy Monday Everyone!

- Travis Lee

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