Why should you use a Real Estate Professional ?

As expected I have a lot  of answers for that question.

First of all it is important that there be an understanding of what the job of a Real Estate Agent/ Professional really is.

Just as in many fields of business we often call in a professional or use a consultant to assist in the decision making and planning.

A lawyer is your consultant in legal matters your accountant is your consultant in financial decision making. We are your professional consultants in the business of Real Estate.

We are here to ensure your Real Estate matters are trouble free and we work within the budget provided and we can be your advocate should something unforeseen occur. 

The Real Estate industry changed a lot with the arrival of the internet you now have much more access to so much more information when previously you did not.

This is a good thing.

This means you can be better informed about your own Real Estate transaction. The downside to access to all of this information is that it can be incredibly over whelming and confusing.

This is where the value of a professional consultant shows it’s self.

We help you wade through the information and narrow it down until to what will work for you. Also, we are trained to read between the lines, to get at the true facts that are being presented.

Sure one can go online and spend hours searching for properties.

But a Real Estate Professional does the work and has the insight to match the right property, at the right budget with your particular needs.

Real Estate professionals also have access to suppliers, product, services that may not be readily available.

Also, as in the case of Century 21 Bachman & Associates we are part of a consortium of agencies. This membership allows us access to unique and specific products often resulting in extra value benefits to you, the client.

Air Miles on the sale or purchase of you home with Century21. You being able to use those Air Miles for travel, gifts, etc.

Our job as a professional means we use our connections and contacts to ensure that each transaction is unique to you and your needs, and that at the end of the day you have a experience that you will be telling family and friends about for many years to come.

Buying or selling a home yourself can be very tricky and is fraught by rules and regulations.

As anyone who has bought/sold a home knows the market can change quickly, whether the change in supply and demand, mortgage rates, government legislation. This can interrupt the best laid plans. The value of a Real Estate professional show its self loud and clear. You may be at work fielding call from perspective buyers wanting to see your home during regular business hours, and no one is available. Perhaps you are showing your home not knowing if these people are actually looking for a home to purchase or a home to rob you latter. What is the value of your family’s safety?

Real Estate professionals will take those calls for you, organize the showings, ask for feed back. Real Estate professionals are licensed, bonded and insured. They are working for you when you are working for your family.

We are here to educate you, demystify the experience, most importantly make sure you Real Estate experience is the best value for you money.

This may not mean going with the cheapest deal even if that is what you initially asked for. It is not always what you want.

In the end you want to feel that you for your monies worth.

A Real Estate professional can make this happen for you.

Let’s face it Real Estate can be complicated. Certainly much more now than ever before with safety, security, privacy, documentation, changes and regulations. There is a incredible amount of information to know whether you are buying selling a home. Use a Real Estate professional to help you sort by sorting out the information and there by ensuring you have a great Real Estate experience.

Most professionals implement fees for their work done on your behalf including our agency. This fee is not just for listing your home. It is for service, support, advice, expertise, negotiating, guidance.

The value shows its self to the expertise and knowledge of the consultant the ability to present to you the best options, staying current with market trends, making sure the price you pay is the best value for your experience and to be your advocate should that become necessary. In most cases I have found with fees included my clients still received the best value for their spending dollar.

We do this with the cars we drive. Every car has the same basic features tires, steering wheel, motor, seats. We expect power steering, air conditioning, anti-lock brakes. We then add to the value ourselves. Items such as blue tooth, sun roof, power windows for convenience. A Rear view back up camera for safety.

It’s all about the value we place on the service we get. Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Honda, Lexis, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, they are all the same basic vehicle what do you drive and why?

Someone once said “It’s not what you charge that matters, with what you do for what you charge”

Where on the scale do you place value for the largest investment of your life?

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