Winter is the best time to buy!

It may not be the most enjoyable time to look at houses, but purchasing a home in the cold winter months can save you alot of time, and money if you are serious about buying.

Here are a few reasons why I recommend house shopping this time of year:

  • There is often a lull in the market because most people are either in holiday mode or don't want to brave the cold. This means less competition/less multiple offer situations for buyers, which often leads to a lower purchase price and less time spent looking at homes. 
  • Sellers are motivated and will be more open to conditions benefiting you - the buyer - to get the deal closed. 
  • More attention and better service from other industry professionals like banks, lawyers, inspectors etc. because they have fewer clients to juggle. 
  • Ultimate test for a home since all the big systems like the heating, plumbing, roof, and gutters are put to the test in the cold. You won't be surprised down the road from things you would not be able to witness in the summer months, like tell tale signs of high humidity levels, air leaks etc. Some of the curb appeal may be gone but fixing or sprucing up landscaping in a lot less expensive than a new furnace or hot water tank.

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