Because nothing says Christmas like Santa Riding an elephant!


I came upon this fella the other day.  If you're not really into sticking 10' inflatable Santas in your yard, an alternative would be simple decorations for pots and entryways.

I love urns!  I love decorating urns.  I love doing different themes for each season.  They're cheap, simple to do, and look great.  Anyone can do them.  Now mind you, yes, I did do this for a living for a while, and maybe you think you can't, but they really are easy. 


You don't have to go crazy either.  Just go to any hardware or grocer and you'll find cheap greens sold by the bunch.  For one urn, I like to use about 3 bunches.  Two of cedar, and one of white pine  (white pine has really long needles).  It's just nice to have a variety of greens.  If you have a lot of trees, you can even snip your own.  From there add either some large pine cones that you can buy at Michael's or one of the other stores, fake branches with leaves, or Christmas decorations.  I like willow branches.  They're all over the place if you don't mind driving around a bit, and you can cut your own for free.  Birch branches are also a lovely alternative as the white bark makes a nice contrast to the greens.  Here's a word to the wise.  If you're having trouble putting the branches into the dirt which of course is frozen in the pot, pour really hot water in the pot and let it sit a few minutes.  It will thaw the dirt.  Place the branches, and then when it freezes your arrangement will be solidly in place for the winter.    Arrange some mini lights, and voila, you have a great piece of artwork on your front steps or porch!


Just remember, everything looks better with lights, and never put your fresh greens out until the temperature is below zero or they will turn brown. 




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