Winter Life Hack #2

Winter and the holidays seem to blow in quickly and although they happen every year, somehow we are always caught off guard. We have rounded up five helpful life hacks (that actually work) to get you through the holiday season and snug into winter.

Here is the second C21 winter life hack:

C21 Winter Life Hack to help you with your driveway!

As much as we all anticipate a White Christmas, an icy driveway almost guarantees a trip to the emergency room. Ensure your driveway is ice free and your visitors are safe with this easy alternative to salt.

1. Mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and two liters of hot water.

2. Pour over ice. This concoction will melt your slippery driveway and it is less damaging than salt.

3. For extra traction, you can use kitty litter, ashes from a fire place, or planting soil to add traction. The darker materials will also attract the sun to speed up melting.

4. If the amount of snow requires shoveling, save your back by spraying cooking spray on your shovel. Snow will slip off your shovel and make shoveling much easier.


Stay tuned for the next three helpful life hacks or go to to view all five helpful life hacks.


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