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Stage your home like a pro with these DIY tips


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Home staging can be an easy and affordable way to sell faster and show buyers your property is well worth the investment. Start with a fresh mindset and try to imagine you’re stepping into your space for the first time. Then use these tips to get your home in top shape and let the multiple offers start rolling in.

1. Depersonalize and declutter. 
Be ruthless when removing personal trinkets, photographs and items with sentimental value but little aesthetic appeal. This should go without saying, but make sure everything — including inside cabinets and drawers, baseboards and in between kitchen appliances — is sparkling clean. The goal is to let buyers see themselves at home and moving in, without needing to do any work.

2. Harness the power of light.
Light can make rooms appear bigger and brighter, but studies show most homes are under lit. One quick and easy fix is to go through every light fixture and replace all bulbs with the maximum wattage they can safely handle. Lamps and chandeliers are inexpensive solutions that increase light and drama in a room, while doubling as decorative elements that occupy little space with a big impact.

3. Leverage the luxury look.
A neat trick is to create a hotel-chic vibe. Think crisp white towels stacked neatly in the bathroom, fresh linens and fluffy pillows in the bedroom, and clean modern lines when it comes to furnishings and décor. Go for anonymous, but inviting.

4. Spend strategically.
Invest wisely on projects and updates that offer the best return on investment. Some projects that give you the biggest bang for your buck include a fresh coat of paint, fixing up any flooring issues, adding a pretty backsplash in your kitchen, and painting or replacing dated cabinets. Any new purchases should be in neutral tones, but forget boring beiges and whites — today’s neutrals include the right shades of grey, blue and green.

5. End with fabulous finishing touches.
Like getting dressed up but forgetting to add a spritz of perfume, your staged home needs a few quick details to go the extra mile. Arrange decorative elements in groupings of threes, a look which is most pleasing to the eye. Add flowers wherever you can and a bowl of fruit in the kitchen. Bake cookies or light candles just before a showing for an inviting scent.

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