Compost - with no smell and no insects

Spring is coming soon. This is a great time to build a compost bin !

Composted material is one of the best ways to add nutritious organic matter to your soil at home, reviving and restoring it. Not only is compost useful for gardening, it’s easy on the environment. It diverts organic material from landfills and it acts as a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers. Also, adding organics to soil improves soil health and your garden plants will thank you for it.

The strong unpleasant odours and annoying insects that can sometimes be associated with composting can prevent some people from taking on these backyard projects. Keep a pile of grass clippings close to your compost, and throw some on as new food scraps are added. However, making sure to keep bone, meat and dairy products out of the mix can help as well as adding grass clippings, mulch, lime or calcium to the mix to neutralize the smells. for more information go to:

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