Common Selling Mistakes

Common Selling Mistakes

There is an art and a science to selling a home. So if you’ve never done it before, there is a pretty good chance you’ll make a few mistakes. Here are three common missteps.


1. Pricing the Home. Of course you want to capitalize on your investment and turn a profit, but setting the price too high can be a crucial error. Potential buyers may be put off and not even come to look. It could also cause the listing to linger on the market and as the weeks drag on the property can seem less and less appealing.


2. Being Inflexible. Some sellers say they positively won’t sell for less than “X.” But in the long run, is a few thousand dollars worth losing a buyer over? The accommodating seller has a better chance of seeing a deal through to closing. This can also mean being flexible on things like timing, closing dates and other negotiating points.


3. Sidestepping the Prep Work. No home is ready to show right off the bat. Some time and money should be put into getting the property ready for sale. Repairs need to be made. Carpets need to be cleaned. Rooms need painting. Rushing the home to market can cost you in the end.


One of the best ways to avoid these pitfalls is to hire the right seller’s agent. A real estate professional has the expertise you need to dodge these selling blunders. Advice on market trends, negotiating tactics and staging the home, are a few of the insights a Realtor® has to offer.

*author Eugene Pilato Broker of Record

Century Volume 3 Issue 9, 2007

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