Choosing a Realtor that Fits

Like any professional service, real estate is replete with practitioners. However, there are many differences in style, personality, and services offered. It is important, then, that anyone thinking of buying or selling real estate finds a Realtor that will suit their own personality and meet their individual expectations.

One efficient and useful way to find a Realtor that will suit your needs is to interview two or three. Realtors are used to this and it is a chance to discuss what they will do for you as a buyer or seller. There are certain questions one should ask as a buyer, and others as a seller.
As a buyer, your agent will be negotiating on your behalf. Therefore you will want to be sure that they are able to discuss different elements of negotiating. It’s not always just about price. You will also want to be confident that they have sufficient knowledge about the local market. Ask about current market trends and list price to sale price ratios. You may also want to ensure that the agent knows where any needed information can be found, such as zoning information and reliable contractor and tradespeople contacts. Your Realtor cannot be the source of all information, but he or she should certainly be the source of the source of information.
As a seller, you will be paying your agent to sell your home. Therefore, one should ensure that their Realtor will market the home in a manner that connects with modern, savvy buyers. Ask how they will be marketing the home. Will they take their own photos or will they hire someone? Will the listing only be seen on or will it also be visible on other real estate websites? Will your home have its own website or will the Realtor use your home to market themselves by promoting their site on marketing materials? What experience does the Realtor have? Experience here means not only years in service, but also what marketing courses have they taken, and what experience with social media and online presence to they have? Your Realtor should also be able to provide weekly statistical updates on your listing. Ask how they do this so that you are fully informed when having to make decisions regarding your listing.

There are many Realtors out there. They all have different things to offer and work in different ways. Buying or selling a home is a big decision. Make sure that what you need is what your Realtor is offering.

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