Building a bridge!

Those who know me know I love building things. One thing I get complimented a lot and asked a lot is where I got the bridge in the front of my yard. Well folks, here are some pictures of me building it. Maybe it will motivate you to make something similar to spice up that curb appeal!

First off I bought  one 2x10 planks and cut it into two equal lengths. I then took a lid of a garbage can and traced lines over one plank. Next I used a jigsaw to cut along these lines. I took that cut out piece and traced the exact same lines onto the other plank and cut that one as well. The end result are two identical pieces that I will be use for my base.

The horizontal planks are next. I bought a couple of long pieces of 1x3s. I decided on a good width for the bridge and began cutting the planks to size, making sure there is an over-hang.

I had some 2x2s lying around so I cut three pieces of equal length to secure the two bases together.

This is where I calculate how many horizontal planks i need and the rough spacing between each plank.

The process begins. I start with the centre plank and build out. I used normal woodscrews to screw down the planks. It was important to drill pilot holes first to avoid splitting.

I made a customized cut on the overhang of some planks so my posts can sit flush with the base.

Here is the other post being screwed on. the posts were 2x2s and at the tip I did a mitre cut at an angle to give it some design.

The posts are all up!

Now I added the railings. here I used some 1x2s and 1x3s. I nailed them together with a brad nailer.

Look from the top. pretty sweet, yeah?

Side view.

Since this bridge is going to sit outside, I needed to weather proof it. I stained it with a cheap $5 stain that I found at canadian tire.

After several coats and time to dry, here is the finished product. The bridge is 100% functional and easily supports the weight of adults. Happy building!

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