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Type of Ownership
 Do you want to own the home and land?
 Do you prefer condominium ownership (where you own the unit in which you live and share in the common elements, such
as hallways, elevators, and perhaps the land)?
 Do you like the idea of co-operative ownership (where you own a share in the co-operative corporation which owns the land and buildings, which gives you the right to live in one housing unit)?
3. Location of Home
 What kind of neighbourhood do you prefer – downtown? Suburban? Older? Newer?
 What do you need in your neighbourhood? Do you need to be close to schools, public transportation, libraries, shopping areas, recreational facilities, your place of work, your religious and/or social centre? Are police and fire protection facilities available?
 What quality of neighbourhood do you want? Do you want it
strictly residential? What level of traffic noise are you willing to accept? Is there industrial development near by and if so, are you prepared to live with it? Do you want a well settled neighbourhood that is unlikely to change? For example, are there plans to build high-rise apartments nearby and, if so, does it matter to you? Does zoning protect property values?

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