2009 Year End Collingwood/Georgian Triangle Real Estate Market Stats

The figures have been tabulated and the recovery in this area is certainly evident.  The Dollar volume in 2009 compared to 2008 has increased by $43,602,581.  The unit sales for 2009 totalled 1857 topping 2008's 1720 units. 

The following summary results are published by the Georgian Triangle Real Estate Board.

Q4 2009  vs 2008

                                 Q4 2009                 Q4 2008

Unit Sales                   469                         258

$ Volume                   $127,503,080            $63,367,365

# Sales to $249,900     266                         171

$250,000-$499,900      165                         71

$500,000-$999,999      35                           16

$1.0 mill+                    3                             0

Year to date 2009 sales revenue of $484,646,974 represents a 10% increase over 2008 and was merely 15% below 2007's record sales of $571,338,700.  Year to date units sales are up 8% from 2008.  The total nujmber of new listings in 2009 totaled $5,875 down 2% from the 6000 new listings that came on the market in 2008.  Coversely, the number of expired listings in 2009 increased by 6% to 3,112 units, reflecting the strong competition amjongst sellers that exists in the marketplace combined with buyers' unwillingness to overpay.  While market conditions are expected to continue to improve in 2010, those sellers contemplating listing their property in the months ahead are encouraged to consult a local REALTOR to obtain a qualified evaluation of their home. Doing so will ensure your property is in the market, not just on the market.





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