Tips to Winterize Your Home

NC) – Winter is just around the corner and it's important to get the exterior of your house ready for the cold months ahead. Heavy snow, cold winds and icy weather can damage your property and lead to expensive repair bills down the road.

To get your property winter ready, we've asked the experts at Canadian Tire Home Services to share some easy and important tips for homeowners:

Inspect your roof: Inspect your roof with binoculars to ensure your shingles are not turning up at the edges, worn or falling off. Damage to shingles can cause melted snow and ice to seep into your home causing leaks and potentially expensive water damage.

Clean your gutters: Remove any leaves, twigs and buildup from your gutters to allow water to run off properly and prevent water damage.

Put away outdoor furniture, playground equipment and trampoline sets: Winter storms are often accompanied by high winds which can damage these items. Since you are unlikely to use outdoor furniture and play equipment until the spring, look for a place to store them.

Prepare your trees and garden: Protect young trees and plants by wrapping them in plastic guards or burlap. Doing so will extend their life and prevent animals and rodents from eating your shrubs during the colder months. Also be sure to remove fallen leaves and debris from your yard to prevent damage to the grass.

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